A project work contract (PLA) is a construction contract between an owner and a regional construction council, representing all building workers` unions in a given geographical area. THE PLA sets uniform conditions for all construction workers and uniform responsibilities for all contractors for a given construction project. ATPs lead to good quality of work at predictable costs by providing a steady supply of skilled workers, avoiding work stoppages and creating uniform wages and safe working conditions. A typical PLA will establish uniform standards for wages, benefits, working time, overtime, leave, appeal procedures, settlement of court disputes, etc. These are areas that can vary from a union or contractor, and a LAP helps the owner or their site manager coordinate labour relations on the project in the most efficient way possible. While RETARDS in construction, an iron strike, do not eliminate work stoppages, work delays can be eliminated and any collective agreements that could expire or strikes that could stop construction in any area for weeks can be eliminated. THE LAPs offer trade unionists and non-union workers the opportunity to work side by side on a project in harmony. Billions of dollars worth of construction projects are built each year as part of Project Labor Agreements, including major projects in Minnesota. A PLA sets a level of remuneration for all the craftsmen who contribute to the project, but this is only part of a PLA. Wages represent only a fraction of the total cost of construction. Many other factors are equally important to the total cost of a project, including the efficiency and quality of the construction.

Yes, yes. Minnesota`s public tendering right requires that all public works contracts be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. Projects involving PLA projects do not discriminate against bidders and do not prohibit the awarding of the contract to the least responsible bidders. They simply require all bidders to meet the standards that the government has approved under the PLA conditions. It is then up to the bidder to choose whether to offer the project to the established standards of a PLA or to offer it to other projects without ALP.