Christ for the Nations Institute has reached 120 nations by building Christian ideology through Bible institutes, publishing books in 81 languages, helping local communities build more than 11,000 churches around the world. [1] Each year, CFNI has about 200 international students, 50 of whom have scholarships. They must sign an agreement stating that they will return to their country to serve in their own country. [4] The Christ for the Nations Institute is not accredited by the state. Until April 21, 2007, she had “candidate status” with the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Candidate status is a pre-membership status granted to colleges that can obtain candidate status prior to accreditation within four years. On April 21, 2007, the Christ for the Nations office decided to withdraw from ABHE accreditation. [2] However, CFNI holds credit transfer articulation agreements with many accredited Christian universities and Bible schools. The host school always determines the portability of the credit.

Some of these institutions are ecclesia College, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Dallas Baptist University, King`s University, Oral Roberts University and Regent University. [3] Credits for courses obtained at other regionally accredited higher education institutions or universities with the mention “C- or higher” and meeting the requirements of the degree chosen by the student may be transferred to basic studies at SAGU. Courses concluded with the grade “D+” or higher are not accepted in the transfer. There is also a Spanish Institute for students who wish to work in the Latin American/Hispanic world. All schools are specialized in teaching students how they can devote resources to the completion of church buildings, care for orphans, support for the nation of Israel, humanitarian aid, the establishment and strengthening of international Bible schools, and the dissemination of Christian literature. DBU`s unique co-role program allows you to take accredited courses online and even on our campus alongside cfNI students and alumni. . For BIOL 2305, a service learning component is required for all students who wish to graduate from the Associate of Science. Sagu accepts up to twelve hours of correspondence from a regionally accredited university to earn a degree.

SAGU`s proximity to Christ For The Nations allows for an easy transition, allowing you to earn your accredited degree in Professional Development or Church Ministries.