1. THE PROVISIONS RELATING TO CUTTING AND REDUCING DISPOSAL SHALL BE COMPLIED WITH IN THE ATTACHED VERSION. See estimated volume of wood or other annexes. 2. USE – Trees cut for pulpwood must have a diameter at least 4 inches larger and trees cut for sawmills with a diameter of at least 8 inches larger, unless otherwise provided by the cutting rules, or where degradation or branching limits conciseness in the market. 3. The blunt heights should be as low as possible, but not more than half (1/2) of their diameter. 4. SAWTIMBER MUST comply with the Scribner Decimal C and Pulpwood rule after 128 cu. ft./cord for wood 8` and 133 1/3 cu. ft./cord for wood 100″ or the state of __________ (DNR) for weight loss standards. 5.

RESIDUAL AND NEIGHBOURING STANDS SHOULD BE PROTECTED WITH DUE CARE. 6. ONLY TIMBER REFERRED TO IN SECTION V MAY BE CUT AND REMOVED. If unde designated trees are cut down or damaged unnecessarily, buyer must pay for them with a set of three (3) times their seasonal value. 7. THE BUYER REPAIRS at his own expense damages that go beyond the ordinary wear and tear caused by the buyer or his representatives on waterways, paths, roads, doors, fences, bridges or any other improvement of the seller`s property. 8. The location of routes, landings, etc., is mutually agreed between the buyer and the seller or their representatives.

Work related to logging must not be used mechanically. 9. BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES for water quality must be respected by the buyer for the duration of this contract. 10. Buyer must remove all debris generated by the sale within twenty (twenty) days of the expiration of the sale; including machine parts, oil cans, paper and other waste, as well as the buyer`s equipment and structures. Items not removed are considered abandoned, enter the seller`s property, and may be removed or disposed of at the buyer`s expense, including, but not limited to, the performance bond. 11. FIRE – The buyer and the buyer`s accomplices will be diligent at all times against the beginning and spread of forest fires.

The buyer undertakes to cover all damages and costs related to the suppression of fires caused by the buyer or the buyer`s representatives. (make printable) This Agreement is concluded and concluded between the following parties, hereinafter referred to as SELLER, and the Buyer. 1. LIABILITY – Buyer agrees to release Seller from any claim, penalty or expense of any kind, nature or description resulting from the performance of this Contract, whether it is seller or any person, organization or governmental authority or subdivision. 2. EMPLOYEE INDEMNITY INSURANCE, if necessary, and at least within the minimum limit prescribed by law, is purchased and maintained by the Buyer in order to fully protect the Buyer and seller against any claim in the event of breach or death resulting from the performance of this Contract. 3. THIS AGREEMENT MAY NOT BE ASSIGNED IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY EITHER PARTY WITHOUT THE WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE OTHER PARTY. 4. ALL TIMBER INCLUDED IN this contract remains the property of the seller until full payment. 5. SELLER WARRANTS OWNERSHIP BOUNDARIES THAT ARE MARKED OR OTHERWISE MARKED.

The seller also guarantees that the seller has the right and ownership of the wood contained in this sale. 6. WHERE THE CUT PRODUCTS ARE MODULATED, the Buyer undertakes to pay or the Seller undertakes to reimburse, within thirty (30) days of the end of the harvest, any difference in value from the initial payment on the basis of the actual scale at the rates indicated in Section V. 7. THE SELLER SHALL REIMBURSE ANY PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE OR inform the Buyer of its intention to withhold this deposit within thirty (30) days of the expiry of the sale. Seller may suspend or cancel any transaction for breach of any provision of this Agreement by Buyer and, for any reason, withhold all deposited funds….